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Creation of the Vetigenics CANIBODY™
Phage Display Library
The ONLY 100% NATURAL canine-antibody phage display library on the

Extraction and Cloning

Construction of the Vetigenics CANIBODY™ Phage Display Library began by extracting antibody-encoding genetic material from canine B cells and using proprietary recombinant methods to produce billions of random combinations of antibody heavy and light chains. Many of these unique combinations did not exist in the dogs from which the library was created. This enormous collection of novel antibody combinations simulates the natural process by which the immune systems of dogs (and people) create large repertoires of antibody specificities that are subsequently selected by antigens.

Vetigenics Phage Display Library

The CANIBODY Library is made up of billions of bacteriophage or “phage” particles. Each phage contains the genetic material to encode the heavy and light chains of a particular antibody that is expressed on the surface of the phage. The process physically connects an antibody with the genetic instructions that are needed for producing that antibody. The Vetigenics CANIBODY Discovery Process describes how the CANIBODY Library is used to generate large numbers of unique, specific antibodies to any antigen. Once generated, the antibodies are further evaluated for binding affinity, functional characteristics, and developability. The lead candidates are then selected and converted into the desired therapeutic format for additional testing. With the self-replicating capability of phage in E. coli, the primary library provides an endless resource for canine antibody discovery.

Harnessing the power of Vetigenics CANIBODY Platform, the 100% natural canine-antibody phage display library. Our proprietary methods generate diverse antibody combinations, selected for their high affinity and specificity. This versatile library enables the production of a wide range of antibody-based products for various applications in just a few weeks.

Advantages of the CANIBODY™ Platform

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